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28 Photos Proving That Being a Mom Is the Most Important Job in the World

Our mother is the dearest person to us. She gave us life, she takes care of us, and, of course, she loves us in a way only mothers can love.

wikonews collected photos of women from 24 countries of the world. And these women are all united by one very important role: they are moms!

24. India

23. Bolivia

22. Vietnam

21. Cuba

20. Indonesia

19. Myanmar

18. China

17. The Gambia

16. Malaysia

15. Kenya

14. Burkina Faso

13. Guatemala

12. Uganda

11. Peru

10. Nepal

9. Thailand

8. Russia

7. Laos

6. Ethiopia

5. Timor-Leste

4. Malawi

3. Cambodia

2. Tibet

1. Cameroon

Isn’t this a time to give your mom a hug and tell her how much you love her?

Tell us your best stories about your mothers in the comments below.


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